Purpose of the Marketing!



A recent article from Webitmd demonstrates how Hyatt Regency’s determination to connect with our market demographics that we aim to appease. Through innovation, technological advancements and creativity. Highlighting the importance of locating our information so that we may serve our clientele better in the future. The article reflects on our core values including ease of access, through the use of chatbots, ease of website navigation and search engine optimization. Not only to better our own success as a company but to introduce new and efficient platforms for customers of both the new generation of potential clients and the loyal clientele we have catered to so far.


Additionally, the author highlighted the value of having user friendly website, while also being mobile friendly. Having a website that is easy to navigate with little clutter will mitigate the loss of customers who move on to other hotels because of a confusing homepage. A minimalistic design with clear mapping of pages will make customers lives easier and speed up bookings. Even more, the author mentions that the website should be mobile friendly. According to Hootsuite, the search engine, Google, will punish “any website that lacked mobile-friendly pages by decreasing the site’s ranking in mobile search results”(Cisnero, 2018). Either way, if phone users cannot access the website’s services you’ll lose profit.

Furthermore, the article advises to improve search engine optimization (SEO), to help gain search engine rankings. Developing the SEO will ensure the website can be found through keywords and phrases through the search engine by the guest. Today’s market is all about picking the right target group and optimizing your keywords to fit the desired group you want to draw customers from is key to the future success of your hotel marketing. With the increase of potential guests using the Internet and search engines to find hotels to book and stay at, to stay afloat in this age of rapidly changing technology hotels need to make sure that their well crafted site will be found by those seeking their services.

What do you think of these three marketing tactics; are they effective or not. Or do you have any other effective strategies you would like to share? Comment below your thoughts.


Reasons why we agree those marketing.


Related image      Minimum Wage Increase (Subside costs)

Image result for function emoji      Multiple User Interface

Image result for function emoji      Targeting to millennial


 8DD9yscn_400x400.png      User finds what they want easily

large       Less likely to lose customers

Grinning-face      Catering to the older generations 

Capturas_captadas_en_camara      Google won’t punish you (by not having mobile friendly website; further, phones are the primary device people use to accesses the internet and by not having your website friendly to phones you may lose many customers



Cisnero, K. (2018). 9 Tips On Creating A Mobile-Friendly Website. [online] Hootsuite Social Media Management. Available at: https://blog.hootsuite.com/9-tips-to-creating-a-mobile-friendly-website/ [Accessed 22 Feb. 2018].



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